Apr 8, 2012

Ai-Chu Wu, Ph. D. Statistical Consulting

Process Quality and Customer Satisfaction through
Optimal Data, Informative Analyses, and Confident Decisions

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Certified Small Business in California Since 2000
Phone: (707) 570-2611 Email: aichuwu@aol.com


Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Master Black Belt (MBB)
Teaching Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (GB) and Black Belt (BB) Classes: 2 years
Quality Program Manager: 3 years at HP (Agilent)
Senior Quality and Statistical Consultant: 10 years at HP (Agilent)
Senior ISO 9000 Auditor: 6 years at HP (Agilent)

Math and Stat Adjunct Professor (Emerita): 1999 - 2012 at Sonoma State U
Post-doctor in Biostatistics: 2 years at UC Berkeley
Post-doctor in Evolutionary Biology: 1 year at Wayne State U
PhD: Population Ecology with Statistics focus, UI Chicago
Master of Public Health (MPH): Biostatistics, UC Berkeley
Bachelor of Science: Zoology, National Taiwan University

Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG): Toastmasters International
Advanced Toastmaster Gold (ATG): Toastmasters International
Competent Leader (CL): Toastmasters International
Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong Instructor: California


General Statistics:
How Large a Sample Do I Need?
Customer Needs Assessment
“Decisions Through Data”
Survey Design and Analysis.
The F.U.N. of Data Collection
“Against All Odds – Inside Statistics”
“For All Practical Purposes”

Statistical Process Control:
Flowchart, Performance Measure, Capability Analysis,
Control Charts, Cause and Effect Diagram,
Affinity Diagram, Process Improvement Storyboard,
and Minimizing Process Variation

Six Sigma, Customer-Centered System,
Total Quality Management, ISO Quality System

Sample Size Determination, Realistic and Competitive Spec Limits,
Design of Experiment with JMP, Design of Experiment with Minitab, Gauge R&R Study,
Variance Component Analysis, Basic Reliability, and Advanced Reliability


Advanced Statistical Tools Workshop: California
Business Intelligence: California
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Class: Beijing, China
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Class: Shanghai, China
Process Capability and Yield Analysis: California
Sampling Plan and Monte Carlo Simulation:California
SAS Programming: California
Energy Conservation Experiment Design: California
AP Statistics: Florida
Gage R&R Study for Attribute Data: California
Model and Data Analysis for Clinical Trials: New York
Statistical Analyses for Diagnosis: California
Measuring the Effect of Programs: California
Accuracy of Meters: California
Statistical Inferences: California
Design of Experiment: California
Process Capability: California
Factor Analysis: California
Sampling Plan and Process Control: California
SAS Programming: California
Health Data Analysis: California
Measuring and Reporting Reliability: California
The Power, Use, and Beauty of Math: California
Expanding Your Horizon Conference Workshop - Play Your Favorite Statistical Game: California
Probability and Statistics in Finance: California
Statistical Process Control With Applications: California
Basic Statistical Training With Applications: Shanghai, China
Intro and Advanced Reliability Workshop: California
Clinical Trial Protocol and Analysis Review: California

Publications and Presentations:

Using SIGFY Stories to Teach Statistics, 2012 American Statistical Association (ASA) SF Chapter
Sampling Based on Two Types of Prior, 2008 ASA Joint Meeting, Section on Risk Analysis, Invited Paper
Statistics in China, 2006 ASA Quality & Productivity Research Conference, Invited Paper
The Effect of Power Sensor Variation and Measurement Error on the Uncertainty of the Mismatch Term of Power Sensor Calibration Factors, Quality Engineering, 12(1), 47-55
The Power of Synergy: Using Survival Analysis for Business Forecasting, Six Sigma Quality Conference, General Electric R and D Center
How Large a Sample Do I Need? HP (Agilent) Internal Paper
Test and Measurement Organization Specification Guideline and Handbook, HP (Agilent) Committee, Internal Publication
Voice of the Field, Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Product
Agilent Internal Website with Quarterly Business Reports
The P.U.B. (Power, Use, and Beauty) of Statistics, M*A*T*H Colloquium, Sonoma State University

Fees: Billed after delivery of teaching and consulting services.

Request for Quote: Free
Customized Workshops: $2000 per day
Consulting: $150 an hour
Travel time: $50 an hour

Web Page Address: www.sfasa.org/ai-chu.html
Updated: March 18, 2015